Family Dental Care

At Morgan Dental in Hamilton, family dentistry is the foundation of our practice. We choose to emphasize family as our patient base which spans generations, creating a real sense of community within our office!

We strive to offer dentistry with a gentle touch while providing the utmost comfort and care. Our dental office specializes in customizable appointments offering nitrous sedation as well as conscious sedation, to meet the needs of our patients.

Children & Young Adults

We pride ourselves in providing early orthodontic care, which includes dental services such as:

  • Retainers
  • Braces
  • Habit breaking appliances
  • & more!

Preventative Dentistry

With the latest dental technology at our office, we have the ability to provide the highest quality of preventative dentistry. We utilize low dose digital x-rays, lasers to treat gum disease, and thorough examination techniques so all our patients can have healthy gums and teeth!

We Are Accepting New Patients

To help our Hamilton community office grow, we are always pleased to extend our quality dental care to you, your family, friends and colleagues. Referrals are the greatest compliment we can receive!